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Month: September 2008

MacBook Pro Battery on the Ropes

page3_1.pngI’ve been thinking that my MacBook Pro’s battery has been especially lightweight lately. To be honest, none of Apple’s laptops do great with battery life but it’s been an especially poor contender lately. I fired up CoconutBattery to check out the state of affairs and it was shocking. I’m currently only getting 39% of original battery capacity. The battery is only sucking up a measly 2,187 mAh out of a rated 5,500 mAh.

I’m going to try a series of battery conditioning cycles and see if I can get this thing back. In January I was right around 90% of capacity and the battery has only gone through 237 cycles in its 20 month lifespan.


Which is it?

This was from a couple of weeks ago when iPhone OS 2.1 came out. It’s so common on the web to research a product and find completely contradictory opinions. One person will say it’s horrible, doesn’t even work. Another says it’s amazing. Rarely do you see those differences right next to each other in Twitter though.


Too Much Trash

This is a sign of bad housekeeping on your computer. Exactly what were in those 74,959 files anyway? Hmmm…

Too Much Trash.png

Stackin' Wood, Exhausted

Today I turned this “fireplace cord” that I got the “special” delivery of the day, about 20% more than I ordered from

Into this, 5 feet in the air and there are two rows deep:

And this, for the Big Green Egg Chiminea that is on the way, and maybe to try cooking with some wood in the Big Green Egg:

And this, for ample fires over the next few months:

Whew, tired out!

Backdraft on Big Green Egg

A couple of days ago I was grilling some chicken breasts on the Big Green Egg and opened the top too fast without “burping” the egg and letting some oxygen in more slowly. A huge burst of flame shot out and took care of a good patch of hair on my arm!


Smelled gross.

Abalastow Compendium

Abalastow-Compendium-Detail.pngMy buddy Dan has issued an SEO challenge to the students in his class. I thought it was pretty cool and could use some spice to see how base PageRank affects search rankings. I’m curious to see where I would fit in, so I put this post out there.

Google, come and get it.

I see the search results already have a hit from That is going to be tough since Google loves .edu and .org so much more than .com, but we’ll see.

No Wikipedia hits for Abalastow Compendium either.

The image at the right is what I imagine an antique Abalastow Compendium to look like.

Update (9/25/08): Proving some theory of the Internet™ or human behavior true some enterprising individuals have actually put a trump card and bought the Abalastow Compendium domain name, both the .com and even the .org version. Nobody grabbed .net it seems.

Lance Returns to Racing!

I had read rumors over the last couple of days that Lance Armstrong was going to be returning to racing, but there were rumors only and I figured they were very far fetched. Why would the 7-time Tour de France winner return?

Well, it wasn’t a rumor! He is racing in 2009! Wow!

Lance Returns to Cycling.png

[I can’t seem to make this video embed not play on load. Grr… Click more to watch the video.] Continue reading

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