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New Blog Theme?

I’m experimenting with a new blog theme. Before I go through trouble getting it all wired up, I’m curious what the folks visiting this site may think.

So, what do you think?

Mount St. Helens

Today we hooked up with the Tangen family on the Summer of Love. Kent is here going to RailsConf as well, and Marilee and kids came out to join Tammy and Mazie while he and I go to the conference. Today though, Tammy and Marilee decided to hit the town all day and Kent and I loaded the kids in the van and headed to Mount St. Helens. It was a great day.


The drive to Mount St. Helens from Portland wasn’t too bad; about 50 minutes on the interstate and 30 or so on the highway. We got started somewhat late and stopped for lunch at the last place for food before heading the final 20 miles to the Volcanic Monument. Driving through the valley presents you with evidence of the massive destruction of this eruption even 28 years later. The valley that you drive through is 100 feet higher than it was before. Before it was a gorge and now it’s a pancake flat valley settled between the mountains. All the result of the eruption.

The view of the volcano, and the very young trees everywhere, just exclaim the power of something as mighty as a volcano. Looking at the mountain inspires awe and respect. It takes a wild imagination to envision the cubic mile of dirt that was blown out during the eruption.

If your in the area, take the time to see it. Even the kids thought it was pretty cool. I’d love to come in the summer and hike around the area — although access is very limited even now. I took a bunch of pictures — good stuff.

Blogger Born? Smaller Than A Redwood

Fire up your RSS reader and get ready to add a feed! Some of you know that my wife Tammy has had a blog, Smaller Than A Redwood, for a while, but it’s been pretty much idle. She’s gotten her blogger shoes on during the Summer of Love and has been posting pretty regularly. On top of that we outfitted her with a new theme. Exciting stuff! Check it out!



Baby Monitor in the Hallway

Tammy and I are hanging out in this extremely cool, funky hotel in Portland called McMenamins Kennedy School. It used to be a school, but they converted it to a hotel, restaurant and bar. It’s very cool.

Anyway, Mazie is asleep and the monitor doesn’t quiet reach to us. We have it sitting in the hallway about 30 feet from us where we can see the lights if she started hollering for us.


The funny thing is watching people walk by. People keep looking at it. Picking it up. Listening. Etc. It’s a pretty funny social experiment. It makes me think it would be pretty funny to actually broadcast something over it and put it in the hall. Maybe the original War of the Worlds or an early episode of The Shadow. Hmmm…

Rhythm of Travel

Doing extensive travel with Mazie has a certain rhythm to it. I’m sure this is very familiar to all parents. I find that this rhythm provides some structure to the day, as well as some forced downtime that is good pacing. Given that the Summer of Love is six weeks long, a more relaxed “marathon” style trip is appropriate.

Each day starts between 6:30a and 7:00a. So far on the Summer of Love we’ve started the day right around 8:30a with a little variance on breakfast. Everyday at 12:30p is the search for a kid friendly food spot, and then a return to the hotel for Mazie’s nap at 2:00p. She sleeps for approximately 2 hours and then the second part of the day is picked up. Bedtime is at 8:00pm so the 2nd part of the day is always pretty short so the agenda is lighter.

For Tammy and I the result is an early start to the day, a forced two hour break in mid-day and evenings are spent usually tucked in the hotel while Mazie sleeps in the other part of the room.

So, when you see me on email, posting on the website or twittering — it’s probably timed with this rhythm.

Great Music – Greg Merkle

This post is a bit of a tease since you can’t (yet) just go out and buy this music. I know Greg Merkle from working at Dow Jones and have been lucky enough for him to share some of his recordings with me. Its great stuff. He’s starting to do more stuff and getting more online. Check out this video he just posted.

Delicious Library 2 Released

delicious-library-2-icon.pngLast night Wil Shipley, and the Delicious Monster team, released Delicious Library 2. Delicious Library is a cataloging application that I’ve put to very real use to manage my CD and DVD archive. Since I’ve moved all of my media onto my network, the physical assets are of no use other than as proof of ownership. I’ve moved them all into Slappa cases and to track where things are I use Delicious Library. Yes, a spreadsheet could do it, but it would suck. Delicious Library is such a nice application for this.

Delicious Library 2 has been anticipated for a long time so it was exciting to get ahold of it. I’m happy to report that with my 1,400+ item library it is much faster. The old Library just stored things in XML, the new one uses CoreData and makes things much faster. Smart Collections are a very welcome addition and remove a needless step from my workflow. I’m also really excited to see additional item types. Software is now trackable and there is a field for serial number so I may move to using this instead of Backpack to keep my software licenses around.

I knew one of the big things coming was web publishing of your library. That’s neat, and I’ve already published my library on the web. You can see it at Pretty nifty! There is even a special iPhone view. However, even cooler, you can actually load a published library into another users copy of Delicious Library 2. So, if you have Delicious Library 2, add my library in and you can get native access to it. Very nice!

Publishing lists like this is a long standing tradition with me. My very first website had a list of my CD’s, as well as a list of Laserdiscs.

Mazie Gets Camera

What happens when you give a near 3-year-old a digital camera and explain how to take pictures? You get a lot of pictures! Check out Mazie’s first ever photo album.

20080524-113912-1497 20080524-113722-1473 20080524-101408-1385 20080524-101307-1381 20080524-100938-1333

Sounds of Glacier

About three years ago Dante Vono sent around some links to photos he had taken in Italy. They were really great photos, but what hit me more was that he had taken a handful of them with an audio recording as well. I looked at those photos and listened to the audio and was amazed at how the sound just transported me to the place. Arguably, it was more powerful than just watching a video of it.

Inspired by his example, I attempted to do something similar using my Zoom H2 in Glacier National Park. Hit play to experience this picture fully. I like how you can hear the rapids in the background with the water dripping off the rock over the top.


Glacier National Park Photos

I just posted our photos from Glacier National Park. There are a little over 50 of them. I even wrote proper titles and captions for them and magically made it all flow straight from Lightroom into Flickr.

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