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Iron Chef Minnetonka – Yogurt

A couple of years ago we had a fun evening at the Bernard’s house where our friend Dean Eichaker and I did a mock Iron Chef competition. The secret ingredient was tomatoes. I’d like to think I won, but the evening ended in more wine than judging and we all just enjoyed some great food. Tammy has taken this idea and decided to run with it and make it real! In January we had our first professional-mock Iron Chef competition and Dean and I faced off again, over yogurt!

Tammy did this video. It’s fun, but I’ll warn you it is approximately 15 minutes long. So sit back and enjoy!

We just finished the 2nd Iron Chef where this video was shown. There will be more episodes coming!

Jazz on Street

I’ve been thinking about putting up more photos that I take. I played with the idea of a photoblog, but decided I didn’t have enough something to make that happen right now. So, I’m going to start putting some individual photography on the site.

I took this picture while walking around downtown Minneapolis a couple weeks ago.

Jazz on the Street

Mazie's School Picture

I love this picture! Mazie had her very first school pictures at preschool this year. She seems to be communicating very well what she thinks about it.


Yum Kitchen gets WiFi

The Internet continues to expand! I was recently at Yum! Kitchen and Bakery, a regular favorite restaurant of ours, and was happy to see my iPhone detect a new open wireless network named “Yum”.

You can now happily nosh on some great food, coffee and treats while surfing the Internet in style.

Al's Breakfast

A few days ago I got a hankering for hash browns. It seems most breakfast places have moved to potato wedges which are a far, far cry from hash browns as they were intended to be. I was thinking hash browns, and got thinking about Al’s Breakfast. It had been a few years since I had been to this college mainstay so I emailed Jim and Kent to see if they wanted to hit Al’s for breakfast before work soon. Off we went!

It turns out that this was a big trip to Al’s. Jim had never been and had wanted to go for years and years. Kent wasn’t sure if he had been there. He thought no but let’s just say his recollection was foggy. We all had a great breakfast. I couldn’t resist ordering a single “whole wheat wally black” and one of their great omelets. And of course, with a side of hash browns.

Aside from the food, the place is a total dive. :-)

Local Burger and Miltons

local-burger-logo.png(Lawrence, Kansas) When doing her research for places to check out in Lawrence, Tammy ran across an interesting restaurant called Local Burger. Local Burger is attempting to create an “old school” fast food experience based entirely on local food sourcing and organic products. The menu is grass-fed locally raised free-range beef. The same in bison if you like. Prefer Elk, they have that too. Everything is raised by known ranches and done right.

And let me tell you, you sure can taste it. We only eat grass-fed beef at home and the taste is so different, and better in my opinion. Taking one bite into that grass-fed burger at Local Burger was just delicious. I wish I could have had a few meals there. I applaud everything they are doing and noted only one thing missing, they don’t seem to compost their trash. Every recycling option possible was present, but no composting.

For the morning we hit Milton’s. Milton’s served an incredible breakfast that I have a hard time imagining can be beat in Lawrence. In fact, we are changing our Sunday morning plans so we can have another shot at their menu before leaving town. The french toast was stunning. :-)

Deskjet Printer as Retail Display

(Lawrence, Kansas) While wandering around downtown Lawrence today I found this great use of an old unused Deskjet printer.

Inkjet Pen Display

I thought that was pretty cool!

Big Smith & Blue Mountain at The Bottleneck

image001.jpg(Lawrence, Kansas) Tammy and I are hanging out in Lawrence, Kansas this weekend. We are here to fulfill her New Years resolution to see Big Smith play again. It’s been about 10 years since she saw them last, and I’ve never seen them. After scouring their tour schedule she saw that the best option for us was a weekend trip bookended with 7 hours on the Interstate to Lawrence. As an added treat, they played with Blue Mountain. I’ve got three Blue Mountain albums and really like their music.

We drove down to Lawrence on Friday going through rain the entire way. We made it with an hour to spare to get checked into our hotel and walk over to The Bottleneck where the show was. The venue was great. Nice sound, big open area for dancing.

Show Marquee

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Minneapolis Getting Comcast Love

logo.gifThis rolled by in my newsfeed a few days ago and caught my eye. The New York Times had a short piece on Minneapolis getting some new high-speed options from Comcast. I found the release on Comcast’s website about it as well.

Comcast is rolling out this new DOCSIS 3.0 technology and it promises to give us 50 megabit download speeds. That’s a whopping 10x on what I get now on a regular basis. The service is about 2.5x as expensive as well, but I’d seriously consider the upgrade.

I checked out my service area and this isn’t an option for me yet. Does anyone see this as an option yet? Supposedly it’s available now.

TED – Podcast You Should Be Watching

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. TED has an annual conference that in recent years has become a pretty amazing event. Getting into TED is not easy. On top of a very expensive entry fee, you actually have to write an essay expanding on your accomplishments and what you expect to achieve in the coming years.

Fortunately for everyone, TED has also opened up in a very big way. The TED website is pretty amazing and has videos of hundreds, if not thousands, of TED presentations. You should add this to your list of sites to watch and check out. The podcast for TED and my iPhone are musts for me.

Here is a collection of three amazing videos released this year from the TED conference. I watched them in this order, in a row, and that is why I wrote this post. I just felt more people should see this great stuff. It makes you think.
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