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Mario Strikers Charged for Wii

62.jpgI just got this game. I’m a total “noob” and am horrible, but if you want a laugh my friend code is 232036 674634. We’ll see how I do with this, I’m not great at the Madden games and this is a sports game, but it’s got a lot of play in it.

I’m not really understanding why Strikers doesn’t just use whatever existing friend connections I’ve established on my Wii. I’m excited about Super Mario Kart coming to the Wii later this year, and am now wondering if it to will have a 12 digit friend code. We’re going to drowned in ridiculously long strings of numbers on the Wii!

By the way, my Wii system code is 4563 6523 0984 7710. That’s really easy to remember too right? It feels like I have a bunch of old Compuserve email addresses. :-)

Uptown Art Fair 2007

My favorite art fair in the cities was a couple of weeks ago, the Uptown Art Fair. (Post from 2005) Tammy and I did our usual routine, going on Friday to check it out, and then going back on Saturday to get our Anniversary present. Some of the artists that were highlights for us.

Gabe Lanza

We decided our purchase was going to be one of Lanza’s paintings. We both really liked this piece entitled “G0L147H vs. Davidia”. It is very wide, and the colors have an interesting depth to them while being muted. The theme is also cool, a futuristic take on the story of David and Goliath.


John Turula

We really liked Turula’s art as well. We have one of his sculptures from when he and Russ Vogt were working together. He’s branched out into some new areas that are really cool.

Russ Vogt

Vogt continues to do some really cool stuff with outdoor sculpture. Nice stuff.

Beth Bojarski

Tammy is a big fan of Beth Bojarski’s work. She was at the Uptown Art Fair a few years ago but we didn’t get one of her paintings. She’s regretted not getting one, so this year we had to make up for that mistake and get one of her items. It’s hard to describe her work, I really can’t do it justice. Wait for her website to get launched so you can see it yourself.

Wendy & Marvin Hill

These block prints are really stunning. The complexity of them, and dozens of layers, draw your eye in for a very long time. I’ll definitely keep an eye out on their work.

Son Volt at the Zoo

I’ve been seeing Jay Farrar play music for around 15 years now. It started with Uncle Tupelo, continued with Son Volt through his solo work and now with the 2nd version of Son Volt. In those 15 years, I’ve never seen him jamming the way he did at the Minnesota Zoo last week. Wow!


Son Volt’s newest album, The Search, has some really great tracks and it plays even better live. The entire band really looked like they were having a lot of fun, and that made the whole concert just great. Farrar even said a few words a couple of times, which is incredible for him.

How odd is it that I saw the Beastie Boys in an old pool, and the following night Son Volt at a zoo. Two great shows, in very odd places, back to back.

"Hello Daddy!"

Last week I called home while on my way to a meeting in New York. To my surprise when the phone was answered Mazie was on the other end saying “Hello Daddy!”. Immediately beaming, I responded with “Hello Mazie! How are you doing?” Mazie isn’t much of a talker on the phone but I coaxed out of her that her babies were up already and that she had slept well.


Then I heard Tammy’s voice. I figured Tammy had answered the phone and had given it to Mazie. Nope! Turns out she picked it up and answered it herself. Tammy had stepped outside for a moment. How cool. Mazie’s first phone call. :-)

Beastie Boys Bombard Brooklyn

check_sm.jpgNo Sleep Till Brooklyn! That was the last song that the Beastie Boys played at the McCarren Pool in their first ever concert in Brooklyn, NY. I was there to enjoy it all!

I had a nice alignment of business travel and concert schedules and picked up tickets to go see the Beastie Boys in this limited tour following their recent release, The Mix-up. I got to have some great Mexican food and margaritas by Union Square, and then hopped onto the L train to head to Brooklyn. The Beastie’s put on an amazing show in a great venue. It was an outdoor show held in the now-empty McCarren Pool. The weather was great and the Beastie’s laid down some huge beats. They put things together in concert that were just great, mixing old and new songs together into new mashups with giant bass tracks.

If you haven’t seen the Beastie’s, you should make a big effort to check them out in concert.

"Let's Go Mets!"

ny-mets-3d-logo.jpgLast Wednesday night Jim and I decided to go see a Mets game while in NY for business. We took a long train ride on the 7 out to Shea Stadium and picked up some tickets. We got some absolutely great tickets off of the 3rd base side. This was my second time at Shea, and oddly both times they were playing Atlanta. It was a lot of fun to see the game with Jim who knows more about baseball than I could ever know. He filled me in on some great trivia about the Mets that made me enjoy the game even more.


It was a great night. The game was awesome, with the Mets holding off the Braves for the win. The Mets fans are simply the best. These people express every range of human emotion, amplified to 11, through the course of a single game. Top it off with a wonderful evening outside, even though it was hotter and more humid than any of us would have liked. Baseball is meant to be played in that type of venue. As Jim said, “we could be watching a herd of goats grazing and it would still be great”. You bet! It will be great when the Twins get their new stadium.

Now I just have to figure out how to get to a Yankees game!

Major Blow for US Cycling

It has long been wondered if US cycling would be able to survive the retirement of Lance Armstrong. Today we got our answer, and unfortunately it isn’t the answer I wanted. The Discovery Pro cycling team announced today that after this season the team will be disbanded (PaceLine release requires registration). The team that has won 8 Tours de France in the last 10 years and countless other races will cease to exist after this years season is over. The team led by perhaps the best director sportif, Johann Bruyneel, is going away. The team that was US Postal, and traces back to the Subaru-Montgomery Sports team, is going away. After shopping around for months since Discovery Channel decided to end it’s sponsorship, the team was unable to find a viable sponsor.

There are two reasons for this. The first is America’s continuing lack of enthusiasm for cycling. The majority of America seems to lack the attention span for Grand Tours and don’t care to dive into the strategy and poetic agony of cycling. The second reason is more insidious. I find it impossible to believe that doping allegations are not part of this. Europe is weathering this storm as well, but the strong history of cycling gives organizations like T-Mobile continuing sponsorship even after significant doping issues. Mind you, Discovery has not had an issue in this arena. But combining the lack of a superstar like Lance that everyone can get behind, and the worry of a doping scandal is too much to overcome it seems.

by Kevin Kallaugher, Economist, July 26, 2007

This is an unfortunate turn of events. In an attempt to see the silver lining, perhaps riders like George Hincapie will be able to move to other teams with more support for his Classics goals. I would expect that Bruyneel will find a new home. Or perhaps something else will rise out of the ashes of the most winning tour organization in the last decade.

Until then, thanks for all the great memories guys.

Welcome to Lunkerville

Everyone wanted to catch a really big Northern on the fishing trip. Big is pretty much anything over 30 inches. I grabbed this 35.5″ Northern in the Ball Cap on the day I was fishing with Don. The different fishing spots get names over time, hence the Ball Cap.


The biggest fish of the trip was caught by Don, with a length of 46 inches. Wow!

Got a Message

While I was in Canada fishing I was without any means of communication. The only thing that would have worked was a satellite phone, and while I considered it I figured I was being ridiculous. I did know that the camp had a radio, and I figured that with enough work you could get through via the radio if there was an emergency. I had visions in my head of Radar in M*A*S*H patching calls through for Hawkeye to talk to his Dad. It all seemed very do-able.

On only the second day of fishing, after we came back in from the afternoon session there was a message. Everyone was pretty confused since it was so unexpected. George, the Native American that ran the camp had left a scrap of paper for us. The message, exactly as it was delivered is below.


Nobody knew what to do with it, until someone figured out whose phone number that was. It was mine! Obviously there is no message there, so I went to find George a bit anxious about what my message was. George spoke very little English. It turned out, that was the whole message. That was all he had for me, my phone number.

Now, imagine yourself in the middle of the wilderness the recipient of an envelope with no letter in it. It drove me nuts, and of course my mind started going crazy. Was something wrong with Mazie? Tammy? Was there an accident? What’s going on? Argh!

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Canadian Fishing Trip Recap

A few weeks ago I went on a fishing trip into Canada with my three brother-in-laws and our father-in-law, Don, as well as his brother, Roger, his son and son-in-laws and oldest grandson. The 10 of us adventured up into the wilderness to catch huge Northern Pike and Walleye. Don and Roger have been on these trips a few times before, they make it an annual thing, and thought it would be a good idea to have the extended family go together. It was a really great trip with 5 days of non-stop fishing. Thanks to Don and Roger for making this trip happen!

I caught a ton of fish. I grew up in North Dakota fishing on the shore. To me, fishing always meant getting up way too early, driving too far, sitting on the shore with way too much sun, and not catching any fish. Not exactly the best of times. We fished the Chipai Lake for five days and the only way you got downtime was if you weren’t fishing. If your line was in the water you were probably getting a fish. I didn’t keep really close count, but I know I caught over 10 fish a day. And the smallest of these fish rivaled the biggest of any other fish I had ever caught.

I really enjoyed this trip in part because it was something outside of my normal zone. I’ll admit to being a bit worried about handling these big northerns. I was a bit worried about my boat skills. But everything came together well and we had a really good time. It was fun to get to know my brother-in-laws better, especially the guys on the other side of the family. I have never been in that remote of a location before. We were completely off the grid. There was no cellular service. No phone service at all. Any electricity was provided by a couple of small solar panels and a generator that you could start as needed. The cabin did have a shower, and gas range and refrigerator. But being that far out of communication was new to me. That’s the longest I’ve ever been off of the Internet since college.


Each day had a regular pattern to it. We got up around 6:00 am and were in the boats by 7am. We’d have a big breakfast at 10am, and a big dinner at 5pm. All the boats would be out on the water for three sessions a day: 7-9:30a, 11-4pm and 6-9pm. We rarely saw the night. The sun didn’t go down until around 11 and rose about 4am. We ate walleye every night. That was our only real job, each morning on the first session out each boat was to bring in a couple walleye to eat. They were freshly fileted, battered and fried up. Even after 4 nights of Walleye, it still tasted great.

I have over 800 pictures from the trip, but this collection of about 80 is a nice recap.

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