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2007 Holiday Letter

2007 Holiday Letter.jpgTammy and I are both pretty shocked that we got a holiday letter out this year. It just sort of happened. Tammy started writing something and it just appeared. After a night of tweaking, adding some photos and an online printing order to Kinkos we had ourselves a letter! A bunch of these went out in the mail, but I wouldn’t dare deprive the dedicated blog reader of this great content as well. Read the 2007 Holiday Letter right here.

As a special bonus for the web I’m going to highlight a selected set of blog posts from this year as well.

2007 Highlights from

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  1. Jamie, nice letter. I can attest to how difficult it is to get a card out much less a letter. So kudos to you!

    With regards to growing older and watching your children turn into you, just wait until you turn around and find that Mazie has grown into a teenager and is looking forward to driving
    next year. This unsettling notion was visited upon my wife and I this year and we still haven’t come to terms with it. We just don’t think of ourselves as this old, but unfortunately we have no choice in the matter. So enjoy Mazie’s innocence now because it doesn’t just last long.

    Anyway, peace and joy to you and your family during this holiday season. Now if you’ll excuse me, I my boys are demanding that I play Guitar Hero III.

    Marc De Brey

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