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Month: August 2006

East Coast Adventure '06 – Day 4

So the headline from the Great Adventure tonight is that Mazie absolutely hates, and I need to emphasize this, hates, sleeping here. Tammy is in with her right now and Mazie just screams at the top of her lungs whenever she is placed in the crib. We’ve never seen her like this before. She is a very good sleeper and you can usually just put her down and she goes to sleep. Not here.

Last night it took Tammy 90 minutes of absolutely top-notch Mom work to get her to sleep, and it’s not looking any better tonight. She wouldn’t sleep in there for her nap. In fact, she only got a nap because they went to the store and she fell asleep on the way there and proceeded to sleep for 2 hours in her car seat.

I’m sure she’s pretty exhausted from the two long days of driving, and I’m hoping that she will get back on track soon. The time change, however slight for us, also throws her for a loop I’m sure. But boy oh boy do I hope this doesn’t last much longer.

Jump into 802.11n

While getting the Internet side of life setup while on the Great Adventure I made a trip to Best Buy to get a wireless router. The apartment has broadband (of course), but it terminated to a single ethernet cable and being tethered to a desk with only one laptop simply wasn’t acceptable. I’ve got my two laptops here, plus the work one, and sofa computing is a must.

I really debated at the store. I grabbed a WRT54GS and was going to walk out but I already have a WRT54G at home and it seemed lame to get something with nothing new at all. So, I decided to jump into the world of 802.11n with the WRT300N. On top of it? It has a super cool antennae array on top. ;-)

I also grabbed a 802.11n PCMCIA card for my laptop, WPC300N, and I’m all up and running. Of course, I have no local servers here that can actually test the speed that I now have, but it will come in handy at home since I’ve found even 802.11g to be too slow for mutlimedia content or even RAW digital photos.

The setup was simple on the WRT300N, no complaints. The chassis is the same as the WRT54G with a nicer front facia. It also comes with a clip so that you can side mount it.

I did miss the opportunity though to get a router that would support IPsec and allow me to build a VPN tunnel back to the home network in Minneapolis via the ZyWall. It would have been cool, but there wasn’t a clear option in the price range I was willing to jump into.

East Coast Adventure '06 – Day 3

On Friday we embarked on the Thingelstad Family Great East Coast Adventure 2006! What is this amazing event you ask? We are going to be away from home for 5 weeks. The first three will be in New Jersey while I work out of our office here, taking advantage of being in the same office as so many others. The last two weeks will be on vacation in North Carolina. Yeah!

Days 1 and 2 of the adventure were travel days. We left Minneapolis on Friday morning around 9:30a and drove, and drove, and drove. We took breaks for Mazie to get out and run around. We camped in a Starbucks in Rockford, Illinois waiting for a monsoon like rain to pass and providing an opportunity for Mazie to let out some energy, and me to get some back (triple espresso!!!). We also had  a great Japanese dinner in Rockford. However, we didn’t take into account that as soon as Mazie saw the food on the grill getting cooked that she would want to eat. Squaking was moderately high. We spent the night just outside of Toledo, OH in a splendid Holiday Inn Express.

We arrived to our great little apartment here in Lawrenceville, NJ last night after another long day of driving through Ohio and Pennsylvania. At one point while driving through Ohio in the morning Tammy looked over at me and said the best line of the whole drive

I’m going to sleep. Try not to do anything stupid.

I appreciated her vote of confidence and continued to motor along while her and Mazie got some rest.

We spent Sunday here in NJ getting the apartment setup and preparing for the week. Stay tuned for more updates from the Great Adventure.

Game On: Time to Lose Weight

Over the last couple of years I’ve really let my weight slide. Or should I say, climb. Slide would imply sliding down something, and I’ve definitely not been going down, but instead going up. I won’t even recount reasons for this — whatever — it is what it is. It’s time to reverse the trend and restore sensibility!

I’ve been logging my food now for two weeks. I dropped a little over 3 pounds last week. I’m happy to be logging my food. It provides a structure for me that I find very helpful. I’m going to be away from home for the next 5 weeks and I will be using my food log to keep things in control. I’m shooting for around 2,000 calories a day, plus or minus.

My first goal is to get back below 300, that will happen pretty soon. After that 280. And then to 250. When I got married I was at my lowest point I can ever recall, 210. That’s not a goal, mainly just focusing on 250.

I actually don’t have an option other than lose weight. Next summer my father-in-law has arranged a trip with all the son-in-laws. We are going to Canada fishing for a week. It sounds like a lot of fun, but the final leg of the trip is on a seaplane and each person is limited to 330 lbs of load, including themselves. So, I either drop a decent chunk of weight, or I have to go with no food, gear or clothes. :-)

I’m going to post updates on the blog here. I know from when I did this the first time (and this had better be the last time!) that it’s good to share your objectives and progress with others.

Speed Matters

I’ve got a bunch of little USB flash drives hanging around. It is almost as if they rain from the sky. In fact, if you go to a trade show, they sometimes in fact do! I had a new requirement of a flash drive recently though. I wanted to actually run an application off of it. Up to now I’ve used them like a “cool” floppy disk. But now I wanted to actually put a program on it and run it from an Windows machine I walked up to. The software worked in this mode, but, to my dismay the flash drives I had were horrible at this.

Pathetic performance is documented below on one of my 1G flash cards.

Of course this problem is easily solved with a credit card and a few clicks on Newegg. I ordered the OCZ Rally2 2G accelerated drive, and solved all of my problems.

It is still no hard drive, but, the performance is very acceptable. And to boot, it’s nicely packaged with a metal enclosure and no wasted room.

Best Kiss Ever

Mazie is growing up so fast. She’s such an amazing kid. For the last couple of months if I asked she would come over and give me a kiss on the cheek. Well this weekend she decided all on her own she was going to give her dad a kiss! Man was that awesome. I was holding her and she comes around and gives me a smack on the cheek. I’m still beaming!

She’s doing really great. I can tell that she’s trying to learn how to deal with stairs which has her, at times, over-protective dad freaking out. I’m constantly lurching to grab her as she approaches anything resembling a stair. She’s doing a lot better walking along with me — she stays with me well for as long as a block only wandering off a little bit.

She is also starting to talk more and more. She’s figured out “help”. If she gets into a tough spot walking around, or wants something off of a counter, she will ask mom or I for “help”. She’s got “dog” or “cat” down well, including a very convincing “meow”.

She just gets better and better, and being Mazie’s dad is the best job I have. :-)

Celebrity Spotting: Doug Savant

We are all in Iowa City this weekend to see our friends Lisa & Eric and particularly their new baby girl Rachel. She’s as cute as can be and so tiny! I know Mazie was that tiny, but I have no real recollection of it.

We are staying at the Hotel Vetro, which is an overly hip hotel for Iowa City and while going to the elevator today Tammy saw someone in the hallway she was positive she knew. She stopped the guy while telling me “Isn’t that someone we know?” I looked at it wasn’t, but it was one of the actors from Desperate Housewives, Doug Savant.

I checked online and his wife is from Iowa City so I would guess they were here visiting.

Today when I stopped at Starbucks and got my morning coffee — I won the Change Game!

That’s only the 3rd (maybe 4th) time ever that I’ve won it in over 4 years.

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