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Month: March 2000

Carribean Vacation – Day 2

Boats rock a lot, even big ones. Rum, Gin and Tequila don’t help the rocking boat. Tomorrow is the wedding, and the first day on St. Thomas. No excursions planned for tomorrow since the wedding will take most of the time.

Late night snack on a cruise is defined as a full buffet bar. Amazing.

Carribean Vacation – Day 1

Location: N 18°27.826′ W 66°06.853′ (Old San Juan Hotel)

Got into San Juan at 4:00p. Got sent to the El San Juan hotel instead of the Old San Juan hotel, figured out where I was and got that taken care of. Got to the right hotel and decided to take a walk around the local area. Nice area, our dock for the cruise is about a block away. San Juan is an interesting town. The roads are just lined with cars back-to-back, going about 5 mph. The sides of San Juan are really interesting because of the war remnants of the walls and such.

Came back to the hotel and found out that blackjack is a lot like the stock market, you can go down really fast and it takes a long time to get caught back up. Started at $100, got to $170, left with $35. How did that happen?

Taking it easy tonight after transferring today’s photos over. Watching some television getting ready for tomorrow.

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