2% Real Maple Syrup

I’ve been using only real maple syrup at home for a while. I kind of take it as a given that people know that most syrup in the store is just various corn syrups with maple flavoring. I ran into this syrup on a recent trip back home though. Doesn’t that label just make you ask what the other 98% is?

4 thoughts on “2% Real Maple Syrup

  1. I’m with you on this one as well. I don’t use anything but real maple syrup. The other stuff is syrup, just not maple. I’m glad they can’t label that as maple syrup anymore and have to use maple flavored. Nothing beats real maple syrup.

    • We actually went and tapped some trees one year to collect some maple sap. Not for real, it was a thing at a park by Stillwater. It’s amazing how much sap and effort it takes to just make a little real maple syrup. Made me realize why the cost is so high for it.

  2. I have wondered that, but it’s not bad, I don’t think and I don’t use that much as the pancakes come only once in awhile. Grandma Rose

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